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Teeth Whitening

Only a dentist can safely get your teeth the whitest by using the right techniques and materials. Dr Zammit has a special interest in restoring and enhancing smiles. She is currently reading for a masters degree in restorative and aesthetic dentistry with Manchester University and is a full member of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics. Teeth whitening is generally known to be the process of brightening stained, discoloured, or dull teeth. More recent research by well known specialists in the field has shown however that this process can also be used to sustain a patient’s oral health while improving and maintaining the aesthetic health of their teeth. We would transform the bleaching tray into a therapeutic tray to deliver chemicals that help our patients achieve a sustained health gain throughout their lives. This may be related to a high caries susceptibility at a young age, patients suffering from general sensitivity from their teeth or an elderly patient who is experiencing dry mouth from multiple medications.





Patient Advice Sheet

For more information please refer to the tooth whitening patient advice sheet below from the Irish Dental Association (click on the leaflet thumbnail below)

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