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General Dentistry

At Ivory Dental Care Malahide our highly trained dentists provide top quality general dentistry for all ages. We pride ourselves in providing the very best care for children, families, busy professionals and the retired people of Malahide and surrounding areas of Dublin. Our early morning and late opening hours are tailored to suit your busy schedule, and we also offer weekend appointments for further flexibility.

Examination: After carefully listening to your reasons for coming to see us, all new patients of the practice will receive a thorough examination of their teeth and gums. Often x-rays will be taken to further assess the teeth as well as the supportive structures of the gums and bone. All treatment options will be discussed with every patient at their examination appointment. As we strongly believe that our patients wishes are the most important, we listen to any of your concerns or goals you have for your teeth and smile, and work with you to help you achieve them.

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Teeth Cleaning: All patients benefit from a twice yearly scale and polish to ensure their teeth and gums stay healthy. If it is found at your examination appointment that you are susceptible to gum disease you may be advised to see one of our dental hygienists for a more thorough cleaning below the gum margin to prevent progression of this gum disease.

Free Dental Check-up

Did you know, you may be entitled to a FREE dental check-up and highly subsidised teeth cleaning? Employed and self-employed people who qualify under the PRSI scheme can avail of these services annually. A quick online eligibility check using your PPS number can confirm this, so please bring this number to your first visit with us. Once confirmed, we will look after all the associated paperwork.

Insurance Partners

We are pleased to advise you that we have set up VHI Direct Pay. If you have a VHI Dental policy, please inform VHI that you are attending our clinic prior to your appointment, and you will not have to pay upfront once the direct link is set up. We are happy to complete any other Dental Insurance provider forms for you

Fully Costed Treatment Plans

We like to be upfront about any fees with our patients, so at the end of your initial visit we will provide you with a treatment plan which will include all associated costs for any recommended treatment.

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