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Appointment 1 – 90 minutes |
Appointment 2 – 30 minutes

Total Cost – €700

Porcelain Fillings

If your tooth is badly damaged, or very weak and at risk of breaking further, we may recommend the use of a porcelain filling. These specially crafted fillings (inlays/onlays) are designed outside of your mouth to replicate the original shape and colour of your own natural tooth. They are then placed on to your tooth using a specific cement or bonding agent.

The main advantage of these porcelain fillings lies in their strength. By using the most up-to-date techniques and high strength porcelain and ceramics, we are now able to reconstruct teeth to their original shape, strength and appearance. This reduces the need for this tooth to have any further fillings in future, giving you a long lasting and durable solution.

All our dentists are specially trained in the provision of these modern, long lasting porcelain fillings. We will always discuss all available options with you, after a thorough assessment of your problem, explaining the pros and cons of each and the associated fees.

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