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Dental Implants

Nowadays, dental implants are nearly always the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. There are two parts to a dental implant. The initial dental implant is a titanium screw that is inserted in your jaw, which is a direct replacement of the original tooth root that used to be there. On top of this new implant, a dental implant crown is then placed.

With recent advances in modern dental implants in Dublin, we are now able to achieve an almost natural replacement of your original tooth. The main advantages of dental implants are:

Strong biting pressure. Dental implants can be used to chew as strongly as your natural teeth.

Excellent comfort. By avoiding the need for bulky dentures or bridges, dental implants feel very comfortable in your mouth, taking up as much space as your natural teeth did.

Natural appearance. Dental implants that are planned correctly, and placed with expert precision, can result in a very natural look.

Longevity. Dental implants that are maintained as well as your own teeth will be reliable for many years. They have been proven to last longer than any alternative tooth replacement options like bridges or dentures.

Replace multiple missing teeth. Dental implants can replace more than one missing tooth. If multiple teeth are missing, sometimes it isn’t necessary to use a new implant for each tooth. An implant retained bridge can reduce the need for many implants.

Improved fit of complete dentures. If you are missing all your teeth and have been wearing complete dentures for years, you may find these become very loose over time. By placing dental implants under your denture, we are able to improve the fit and comfort of your denture.

Increased self – confidence. With successful implant treatment, patients find they can eat, talk and smile with more confidence.

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Dental Implant Assessment

There are a very small number of patients who are not suitable for implant placement. Our team of expert dentists in Malahide in Dublin will always carry out a full assessment to see if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. We will always advise you on and offer a variety of viable treatment options, helping you decide the best way for you to achieve your goals.

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