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Cosmetic Braces Malahide

Conventional orthodontic treatment with a specialist remains the gold standard for straightening teeth. However, for a large number of our Malahide patients we are able to offer some alternative options. More and more adults now want to straighten their teeth, but have been put off by the expected burden of lengthy treatment times and bulky looking metal braces. Clear braces, removable braces or tooth coloured braces provide discreet and effective methods of improving your smile in a short space of time.




To see if you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic braces, we offer free cosmetic consultations in Malahide. At this relaxed visit, we determine what your goals are for your smile, and we assess your teeth and your bite to determine which treatment option is the most appropriate for you. We may take photographs and moulds of your teeth to help us predict which option would work best, and this also helps us provide you with an accurate estimate as to how long your treatment may take, and how much it would cost.

Orthodontic Retainers

Upon completion of any orthodontic treatment, keeping your teeth in their new position is important. For this reason, we provide comfortable retainers to wear in your sleep, but also fixed permanent retainers that are hidden behind your front teeth that ensure your smile stays straight. We believe that brightening your smile at the end of treatment really gives you a great result, so we offer every patient a gift of a free home teeth whitening kit after we have fit your retainers.

Clear cosmetic braces are a great alternative to conventional metal braces for those patients who are suitable. If we believe you would achieve a more satisfactory and stable result with a specialist, we work closely with a number of local orthodontists in Malahide and Dublin and would be happy to arrange a referral to them if necessary.

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